Marketing: The Life Force of All Business Achievement

How important is marketing to your business?

Well, to sum it up in few words, no marketing, no customers; no customers, no sales; no sales, no income; no income, no business.

And in my book, that qualifies it as a mission critical activity.

Now some people in business think marketing is all about SELLING your product or service to prospective buyers.

Which it is, in terms of the transactional part of it.

But remember, your ultimate goal is not just to make a sale. Your goal is to help that customer solve his or her problem and enhance their life via your product or service.

Now, as far as what the ESSENCE of marketing is–or should be–that’s entirely different from what most people think.

It’s a matter of EDUCATION rather than PERSUASION. Informing your prospect or client rather than simply trying to “sell” them.

Jay Abraham says this:

“Marketing really is educating your customers and prospects to appreciate and desire the results your product or service can give them.

“People won’t buy from you unless you get them to WANT what you’re selling or realize they need it.

“So your focus should be to continually demonstrate and compare the benefits and advantages they can expect to enjoy by becoming your customer or client.

And once someone does become your customer or client, THE MARKETING DOESN’T STOP:

“In effect, you’re putting your customer or client into a continuing education program… Take every opportunity to keep them aware of the fact that you can understand and fulfill their wants and needs better than anyone else can.”

And that requires an ongoing effort on your part.  It’s what you OWE your customer or client if you want to keep him or her for life.


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