Does HYPE Help?

Well, that depends on who you’re trying to help…

Yourself, or your prospect or client.

From a purely PRAGMATIC standpoint, hype “helps” if all you want is to ring up sales from those prospects that are easily swayed by emotional appeals and by your hyperbolic rhetoric. (And you as a marketer/advertiser place less importance on ethical and accurate marketing communications than you do on conversion rates and making sales.)  Because you KNOW that a certain number of your prospects will respond to you since HYPE actually does move them to action.

Sorry to be harsh, but I don’t condone moving people to action based on false or MISLEADING representations and exaggerated information.  And I don’t appreciate marketers who do that.  To my mind, though it may yield short-term gains, it leads to long-term PROBLEMS — mainly with your credibility.

But if, on the other hand, you want to develop a SOLID client base of LOYAL, INTELLIGENT, SELF-REPRODUCING buyers of your product or service (or supporters of your cause or idea) — who are attracted to you because of your INTEGRITY and  GENUINE interest in meeting their needs and not merely in your own self-interest — you’ll SCRUPULOUSLY avoid hype and just “stick with the facts” plus a reasonable amount of ethical persuasion.

This is especially true and effectual if you’re trying to sell business-to-business. (More on this later)

Because the quickest way to the delete button on your prospect’s or client’s keyboard, or the “circular file” where the other “junk” mail goes, is to rely on hype and “puffery” instead of on a well-crafted conveyance of facts, features and benefits, striking the right balance between the rational and the emotional aspects of your appeal.

Suffice to say, I am NOT a fan of hype.

I am, however, a fan of enthusiastic advocacy that is grounded in reality and facts, with an OUTWARD focus on what my (or your) client needs and wants and will benefit them, NOT on what I want to sell.

Copyright © 2010, Paul J. Ramirez. All rights reserved.


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