More on Social Media & Its Impact on Marketing & Advertising

Here’s a compelling little video, which I found on Alex Mandossian’s blog.

Social media is not only changing the way prospects and clients find you and your business, your product and/or your service (and visa versa), but it’s also RESHAPING the way they think and feel about you.  It’s virtual peer pressure and word of mouth on steroids.

The statistics–given out in rapid fire bursts onscreen–paint a very eye-opening picture of the marketplace that exists today.  It is a marketplace where successful companies have adopted a new paradigm that is, as the video points out, more in line with Dale Carnegie than David Ogilvy.

Watch this and you’ll see why “the rules have changed” as far as the usual ways of reaching your customers and your target audience–even on the Internet–with your message.  Hint: social media is how THEY find you!

(And if you like Fatboy Slim’s Right Here, Right Now, you’ll definitely enjoy this. 🙂 )


As I went to replace the above video with its HD version, I discovered there is an update, May 2010 (not in HD).  And here it is (by the way, I elected not to upload the HD version of the original video after all):

There’s one statistic presented in both versions which to me is one of the more encouraging ones: social media has now surpassed porn as the #1 online activity. 🙂


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