Part 2 of ‘How to Take What You Know and Add Value to It for Your Customers and Clients’

The remaining five (5) items that round out Bob Bly’s list of nine things which add value to your content for your customer or client are:

5. Accessibility. People are willing to pay extra for the convenience of having immediate access to what they’re looking for in one easy and readily available location — even when that same content is available for FREE elsewhere but in disparate locations on the Internet.

6. Embodiment. When you package your material in a format that your customer prefers, e.g., physical book, audio CD, DVD, etc., and is willing to pay extra for even though, again, this same content may be available for FREE elsewhere but in a less convenient form (like static web pages or plain text).

7. Patronage. Since, as Bob points out, most of your prospects and clients are basically honest people who don’t want to always be taking and never giving back in return, they are far more likely to go ahead and buy products from you out of a sense of “obligation” and reciprocity if they have already been receiving (or at least been seeing you give away to others) a large amount of your “free stuff.”

8. Findability. Another quality whereby content or information that costs little or nothing to acquire but which is time-consuming to find, assimilate and implement — because it is scattered around among various sources and in different formats — becomes more valuable when you make it easier for them to find and you “aggregate” it for them (like Matthew Lesko).  People will pay a premium for the convenience and “ready-to-use” format that you provide.

9. New Ideas. People will pay for and subscribe to newsletters and purchase both electronic and physical media in order to acquire or learn about new ideas.  And again, it may already be something that’s FREE (or very inexpensive) and available on the Web (or from the government), but because it is packaged and delivered in such a way as to save your client or customer time and effort and hassle and worry — because you’ve already “done the homework” for them — they’ll gladly buy from you if it makes their life easier.  It might even be something they hadn’t thought of before, but YOU the savvy business marketer have brought it to their attention!


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