Social Media and B2B Marketing: Dr. Ralph Wilson Talks with Lee Odden

At the Search Engine Strategies Conference in Chicago (Oct. 2010), Dr. Ralph Wilson interviews social media expert, Lee Odden.  In this video, they talk about how business-to-business firms are beginning to make use of social media along with “traditional” content in their overall marketing strategy.

Odden points out how there’s been a reversal of sorts in the approach that some companies are using to integrate social media with their traditional content.  Whereas, a business might normally create informational and marketing material first — white papers, case studies, trade show material, magazines, etc.– and then use Facebook and Twitter to supplement and capture feedback, he mentions a couple of examples of firms (Marketo and PRWeb) that committed to first creating content specifically around certain customer needs, using a blog and online social media monitoring tools, then built their more “traditional” content around what they learned from their customers’ Facebook/Twitter/blogging interactions, even using a “community manager” to help them craft their newly determined content.

Lee Odden is CEO of and writes for

Dr. Wilson is a widely recognized authority on Internet marketing. He is principal at Wilson Internet Services and editor-in-chief of the popular Web Marketing Today website.


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