If You Want to Be SUCCESSFUL at Getting Your Ideas to Spread, You Need to Be REMARKABLE!

At its core, the field of marketing and advertising is really the art and science of “spreading ideas” — businesses, organizations and individuals spending hundreds, thousands, millions even billions of dollars trying to get their message out, trying to spread their idea.

The traditional way of doing that on a large scale (i.e., promoting a product or service or idea or trying to influence a particular segment of the market or an audience to think or believe or feel or act a certain way toward a certain thing) has been “traditional” advertising and marketing using mass media, i.e., TV, radio, magazine, print ads and now, the Internet.

But, as you’ll see when you watch this video from TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design), marketing guru Seth Godin contrasts this old way of getting ideas to spread — what he calls the TV-Industrial Complex, which involves “interrupting” peoples’ lives and trying to get them to stop and listen to your message (and hopefully act on it) — with the less intrusive, more innovative methods employed by a few remarkable individuals and organizations, whom he highlights as four shining examples of this “new” method of being “remarkable” in order to be noticed.

Speaking of remarkable, you’ll notice that anytime Seth Godin talks about marketing, people listen!


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