Don’t Wait Until You’re on an Elevator to Give Your ‘Elevator Pitch’

You know what an elevator pitch is, aka, an “elevator speech”.

It’s that quick little thumbnail sketch you’re supposed to give to somebody who comes up and asks what it is that you do.

It’s such a ubiquitous term in the business and work world, that it even has its own Wikipedia entry!

Presumably, it ought to be more than just a curt, perfunctory response like, “I sell cars”, or “I’m a real estate agent” or “I manage a health food store”.

The idea is to make it long enough to paint a concise yet appealing picture of what it is that you do (or have to offer), and yet short enough to be given on an elevator while it makes its way between floors.

Copywriter and business marketing success coach Steve Slaunwhite offers a nifty little formula that can help you craft your own complete “elevator sales pitch” quickly and easily to give to folks the next time you’re at a conference, networking event, business mixer or meeting where someone pops the question and you have precious seconds (but hopefully minutes) in which to answer.

Except that Steve takes the notion of an elevator pitch beyond the confines of the four walls of an elevator–I guess that should be three walls and a door–and from the formal (or informal) setting of a live, face-to-face meeting.  He says your sales “pitch” needs to be something that can be used and conveyed across all platforms, including electronic.

Here’s how he describes it:

Your elevator pitch is the core message that drives what you say on your website, in your prospecting emails, on your LinkedIn profile, and in other communications. It’s your brand.

I won’t give away Steve’s “secret formula,” so read his article here.

The point is, it doesn’t have to be clever.  It doesn’t have to be magnificent or brilliant.  It just needs to be clear, honest and inviting enough to your listener that he or she just might become your next prospect for your product, service or “value proposition” (after all, they asked you first)!


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