Get Ready, Here Comes 2018

2017-18Do you have a website or blog?

Well, here’s a reminder, just in case you lost track of the calendar sometime around Christmas  The final days of 2017 are fast ticking away and so, for those of us who do have websites and blogs, this means that it is time once again to “update”.

I mean, literally, it’s time to update.

If there is a copyright date showing somewhere on your site (chances are it is at the bottom of the page), it is probably right now showing the correct (current) year.  Good.  This is at it should be.  But some folks are not that vigilant.  Honestly, I have visited some sites even this week where the copyright date at the bottom of the page still says 2008.

“Nobody’s home!”

Don’t be like that guy (webmaster or site owner).

Instead, look like you actually pay attention to such seemingly inconsequential details, and take a minute to move the year up a digit.  Get with the times because they are a-changin’.  Log in, go to the appropriate place under the hood of your website and tweak it to make the necessary chronological adjustment.  Save.


Now, even if you do absolutely NOTHING else to your site but change the date, your visitors will come along, see the current year showing and instantly conclude and presume, hopefully correctly, “Hey, these guys are still in business!” (Or at least, they’re still at their keyboard and know what day it is.)

Anyway, making this little change in a timely fashion will help keep your site from looking like “nobody’s home.”

After all, you really do pay attention to such seemingly inconsequential details.

Now, go enjoy the rest of 2017.


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