2018… Okay, It’s HERE!

Calendar_2018Happy New Year to you (and yours)!

Hope you are looking forward to the next 12 months — or 365 days or 8760 hours or 525,600 minutes (or, if you really want to get down to brass ticks, 31,536,000 seconds)!

In any case, obviously, a small portion of that has already been used up by the time you read this.  Certainly by the time I write this, which is the evening of Monday, January 1st, 2018.  (CNN tells us that we have at least 18 things to look forward to this year.  Be still, my heart.)

Today is also a ‘Super Moon’, when the full moon happens to occur on the very same date that the moon is making its closest pass as it travels around the earth.

But, enough about astronomical phenomena and chronological minutiae.  Let’s get to the order of the day.

Goals? Or “Resolutions”?

Have you made any (or set any) of these?

I do have a couple of goals in mind for achieving in 2018.  As for “New Years Resolutions”, I have never been a fan of making them, except on a lark or in jest (as in, “jest kidding!”).  Resolutions are basically vows that die shortly giving birth.

One goal that I have is to launch a homeschool curriculum, math-focused website early in the year.  (I’ll come back and update you with a link to that later.)  This is an ambitious project that I’ve been gearing up for since last year.  Actually, more like two years, maybe three.  Now it’s time to pull the trigger.  But first I have to finish building the gun and uploading the ammo.  (“Ready. Fire. Aim!”)

Another goal I have is to convert this free blog site that you are currently on into a “self-hosted” website.

It would essentially be the same from your side of the screen.  But from my side, because it will be on a “hosted” platform — meaning one that I am paying for — it will have its own domain name (no more dual citizenship on wordpress.com!) and most importantly it will allow me quite a bit more latitude and digital “wiggle room” to do what I want to with it, in terms of content, design and even how I choose to monetize it.  After all, “I came here to chew gum and make money… And I’m all out of gum!”

I am not so much a fan of “Net Neutrality” as I am of Net liberty.  If you’ve ever had, or plan to have, a website or blog of your own, remember this simple rule: “Self-hosting is self-determination.”  He who pays the piper calls the tune.  And he who pays for the server calls the terms (for the most part),

When the site is launched, it will be mine, all MINE!

It will also be yours, all YOURS!  After all, I am not just doing this for kicks.  I am doing it for you.  I’m doing it for us.

In a sense, then, it will be “yours, mine, and ours!”

How about you?

What goals do you have that you would like to achieve in 2018?  Are they tangible, measurable?  Do they affect just you or will anybody else benefit?

Did you make any “resolutions”?

I resolved years ago never to make them.  So far, I’ve got a perfect record of not keeping them.

Happy 2018!

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