14 Free Sales Lessons from Zig Ziglar

This is by way of master copywriter Bob Bly. I received it in his e-mail newsletter.

It was a link that took me to a free subscription offer from Kevin Harrington, “Inventor of the infomercial, original Shark on Shark Tank, and Pioneer of the ‘As Seen On TV’ Industry”.

The offer was to receive a free PDF of Zig Ziglar’s short e-book, “Secret of Selling: For Those THINK They’re Not in Sales”.

I clicked.  I saw.  I marveled.

And I re-learned what I have heard over the years from the undisputed and undefeated World Champion of Sales Success.

This is a 26-page e-book that reveals 14 very simple yet very powerful lessons from “Zig” on how to be successful at selling.

The most important lesson of all — which Mr. Ziglar made a lifelong career out of emphasizing — is this one:


No exceptions.  Whether it is our ideas, opinions, our views, our vision, or our products or services, everyone is selling something.

So why not learn how to sell whatever it is that you’re selling effectively and more successfully?

Tell ‘Em PAUL Sent You

I’m a big fan of referrals.  I’m also a big fan of giving credit where credit is due, especially when the source may be just as valuable as the thing being offered.

So, here is the actual referral link that was in my e-mail inbox this morning.  It is now yours for the clicking: https://jd405.isrefer.com/go/lessons/a221

Now, in case you don’t want to follow this link — which will eventually have you subscribing to Kevin Harrington’s upcoming free video series, “Secrets of Sales Success—with the Master of Sales Zig Ziglar” (according to the followup thank you from Harrington, this launches on January 18th, 2018) — then you can just click on the link below to download the free PDF.

Either way, this short little book is worth reading, and putting into practice.

Note: I used the technique found in Lesson 8 to promote the value of my online math courses offered at the Ron Paul Curriculum: breaking down the total cost of each full course to a per-lesson basis–this way, the parent could see even more value in the overall course.  It made it sound even cheaper than it already was!

Anyway, enjoy the free lessons.

Read it. Do what it says. And watch your success rate go UP!

Click here: 14Lessons_ZigZiglar

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