How Will This ‘Disruption’ Affect Your Career?

Disruption Ahead signI don’t know what industry or occupation you work in today, or what industry or occupation you see yourself working in 12-15 years from now…  I just hope it’s not driving a taxi or an over-the-road tractor trailer!

Because if your job has anything to do with the internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle or working in some capacity in the energy sector — oil, gas and electric industries — well, let’s just say things may become quite different for you in coming decades.

Why do I say that?

For one thing, it’s because of what I already know from the technological developments that have already hit us with near blinding speed, like a freight train… a coal-burning, steam-powered freight train.

Also, it’s because of the video that I’m about to share with you.

Now, on any given day, my work finds me either at my computer in my office typing on my keyboard or on the road (in town) driving from client to client for my business.  So I don’t see my day-to-day activities being fundamentally changed by the “disruptions” that are coming.  Then again I could be wrong about that.  Thirty years ago I didn’t even own a computer.

But according to this video, changes are coming that will indeed be disruptive.  But they will be positive changes.  Nothing to fear or loathe.  Lots to like and lots to look forward to.  A rising tide is coming that will lift all boats.  They will, of course, be self-driving boats: solar-charged, battery-powered boats.  But, hey, I’m already giving away too much of the story here (spoiler alert)!

So let me have this gentleman from Stanford University take it from here and explain it to you.  He’ll give you the full story — past, present and, especially, future

Warning: this presentation may shock you.  That’s okay.  It’s worth the hour-long disruption of your time to watch it from start to finish…

Moore’s Law.  That’s the law that gave us the digital revolution and the Information Age.  It’s the law that keeps on giving.  It has given us AI, robots and smart phones.  Other laws of physics, mathematics, etc., will be similarly generous.  They will all converge (as they have been) and supercharge (turbocharge?) and give us the next phase of this revolution.  History repeats itself.  Sort of like laser pulses on a lidar.

The question is, will you be ready for it?

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