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Why Being “Creative” Isn’t Always a Good Thing for a Copywriter

Actually, being “creative” has very little to do with writing good copy. These two types of writing–commercial and creative–are almost mutually exclusive. Copy for advertising and marketing has one sole purpose in mind: to sell. Sell cars, sell soap, sell … Continue reading

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21 Things That Bob Bly Hates About Modern Marketing

I always appreciate Bob Bly’s perspective.  His is the voice of authority, wisdom and marketing savvy in my business world.  That’s why I subscribe to his e-mail newsletter. Here are 21 things that he says he dislikes about marketing today. Read through the … Continue reading

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Why Businesses Need to Combine Technology, Psychology and Economics

Here is a TED talk given in Athens, Greece in Dec. 2011.  Rory Sutherland is a colorful, creative fellow who humorously weaves his way through several examples of why businesses–really any organizational entity in the public or private sector that … Continue reading

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