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New Writing Project! Natural Health Website

I have begun a new copywriting project!  It is actually a natural health/natural medicine-related website that I am putting together:  To date, there isn’t much there yet, but I am faithfully researching and writing the content and building the … Continue reading

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White Papers (Aren’t) for Dummies

White papers are kind of a “new frontier” for me.  I’m used to writing business web page content, blog posts and ad copy.   Not a ton of research involved in any of that —  mainly because, (a), their length … Continue reading

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Why Being “Creative” Isn’t Always a Good Thing for a Copywriter

Actually, being “creative” has very little to do with writing good copy. These two types of writing–commercial and creative–are almost mutually exclusive. Copy for advertising and marketing has one sole purpose in mind: to sell. Sell cars, sell soap, sell … Continue reading

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“The Most Important Rule of Grammar for Becoming a Successful Writer”–Forget the Rules!

For advice that is unconventional, contrarian, pithy and uncannily spot-on, the go-to guy for me is Dr. Gary North. Dr. North has made his living for nearly the last four decades as a professional writer and editor: books, articles, manuals, … Continue reading

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“Can Jane Austen Really Help Me Improve My Copywriting?”

That’s the question I asked myself after watching a 3-part video presentation by copywriting legend Drayton Bird. Drayton offered a lot of very useful and practical tips and ideas in that video series.  But, for me, his most intriguing one … Continue reading

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