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Don’t Be a Perfectionist! (It’s Too Much Work)

This is from Bob Bly’s Direct Response newsletter.  It is written in the context of copywriting, but it is good advice for anyone who wants to avoid the tempting pitfall of perfectionism: polishing and polishing and refining and tweaking and … Continue reading

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52 Brief But Powerful Sales Lessons That Will Help Both You and Your Prospects and Customers

Here is a gem of a sales training video that would benefit not only sales professionals and business people watching it, but also the customers and prospects they serve. There’s a lot of sound advice here from Zig Ziglar and … Continue reading

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White Papers (Aren’t) for Dummies

White papers are kind of a “new frontier” for me.  I’m used to writing business web page content, blog posts and ad copy.   Not a ton of research involved in any of that —  mainly because, (a), their length … Continue reading

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Why Being “Creative” Isn’t Always a Good Thing for a Copywriter

Actually, being “creative” has very little to do with writing good copy. These two types of writing–commercial and creative–are almost mutually exclusive. Copy for advertising and marketing has one sole purpose in mind: to sell. Sell cars, sell soap, sell … Continue reading

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Don’t Wait Until You’re on an Elevator to Give Your ‘Elevator Pitch’

You know what an elevator pitch is, aka, an “elevator speech”. It’s that quick little thumbnail sketch you’re supposed to give to somebody who comes up and asks what it is that you do. It’s such a ubiquitous term in the … Continue reading

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